More than 15 Years of Experience in Hydraulic Repairs
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Hydraulic Repair Services

We ensure the following:

  • 12-month Airtight Warranty
  • Repair Work By 25+ Year Service Engineers
  • Quick Turnaround To Minimise Downtime
  • Leading UK Hydraulic Repair Services Company

Experience with over 20+ brands

At CJ Plant, we guarantee the repair of any component within your hydraulic systems to the highest possible standards.

All hydraulic repair services are completed with the utmost care — we strip all components from the hydraulic units and thoroughly clean them to the extent they look like new equipment. We completely replace any damaged or worn parts with original, genuine parts, straight from our workshop’s extensive stocks and network.

The many parts we repair/replace are:

  • Seals
  • O-rings
  • Piston Rods
  • Cylinders
  • Valves
  • Hoses
  • Fittings

We fully service entire hydraulic components, including:

  • Hydraulic Pumps, Motors
  • Swing Gearbox
  • Final Drives
  • Centre Swivel Joint
  • Control Valve Block
  • Transmission

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Our Process

Contact us to arrange your quote.  When your plant and machinery are down, you need a solution fast. We can provide rapid pick-up, evaluation, diagnosis, and accurate quotes to get you up and running in the quickest possible time. Our professional team are skilled in all aspects of hydraulic repair, rebuilding and maintenance, and we pride ourselves on helping our clients minimise their downtime and any interruption to their operations.

Free Collection

We make things easy for you by arranging free collection of your parts from any location in the UK and delivering them speedily to our workshop.

Free Inspection

At our workshop your part will be carefully carefully dismantled, inspected, and where relevant, wear tolerances measured without charge.

No Obligation Quote

Our inspection is followed up with a comprehensive findings report and competitive no obligation quote for any required work.

Second Inspection

Once you accept the quote, all parts are fully cleaned to allow a further inspection to ensure no damage has been missed.

Repair Process

All damaged and worn parts will be repaired or replaced and your unit completely rebuilt, with any seals and bearings also replaced.

Full Post Repair Testing

Thorough testing will be carried out to ensure your equipment functions fully to manufacturers specifications.

CJ Plant brings 25+ years of experience in the industry, and we have serviced many hydraulic systems from leading manufacturers. From Cat, America’s global industry leader in construction and mining hydraulic equipment, to Komatsu, the second largest construction equipment manufacturer in the world, to Britain’s own globally recognised JCB, we service all the top hydraulic system manufacturers.

Our extensive range, expertise, and competitive pricing make us the most cost-effective solution for your hydraulic machinery. Hydraulic pump repair, motor repair, fault finding — we offer all types of hydraulics servicing.

All our work comes with a 12-month warranty

Frequently Asked Questions

No. The reason why CJ Plant’s repair service is streets above the rest is specifically due to our workshop and massive supply network, which can offer hydraulic repairs and standards  to the highest level. Our aim is to clean, repair or replace components on site so that the overall system design looks, sounds, and performs like they are new units.

All of this is done speedily with the maximum consideration to our clients’ time and need to minimise disruption.

Many hydraulic repairs come as a result of a few overarching systematic problems, such as:

  1. Hydraulic System Temperature Increase – There are many reasons your system may be overheating, such as a damaged heat exchanger or hydraulic pump.
  2. Excessive Noise – A wide range of issues relating to misalignment, or smaller, wide-travelling issues within major components such as the hydraulic motor, may result in excessive noise.
  3. Abnormal Fluid Conditions – Contamination is usually the reason for fluid changing in properties and appearance.

Regardless of your issue, any hydraulic system problems need to be addressed to prevent the issues worsening. Hydraulic machinery components are largely interdependent so when one degrades, the degradation spreads through the system via the hydraulic fluid – which can bring contaminants, heat, or fragments of worn components into other areas.

Regardless of whether you require new seals, repairing of minor components, or huge jobs such as hydraulic pump or motor repairs, call CJ Plant as soon as possible to minimise the downtime and the overall cost of the repair service.