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JCB Hydraulic Unit Repair


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JCB Hydraulics

Here are some of the excavators that JCB manufacture, including wheeled excavators and mini excavators, that we are able to service and repair.

ModelEngine and PowerWeight
Additional Features
JS115JCB engine, 81 kW (108 hp)12.24 tonnes
Various special equipment options
JS115 LIsuzu engine, 73 kW (97 hp)12 tonnes
JCB 130JCB ecoMAX engine~13.5 tonnes
High fuel efficiency, 25% larger cabin, ergonomic controls
JCB 131X220X Dieselmax engine~13.5 tonnes
Advanced design, tested in diverse climates
JCB 140Dieselmax engine~14.5 tonnes
Extreme strength, spacious CommandPlus cab
JS145LC HDJCB Dieselmax14.62 tonnes
Diesel particulate filter, air conditioning
JCB 150JCB DieselMax engine, 81 kW16.684 tonnes
Fuel efficiency, spacious cab
JS160JCB DieselMax, 97 kW17.2 tonnes
LC undercarriage, MB boom
JS160 LCJCB 444 TCA, 93 kW17.54 tonnes
LC undercarriage, MB/VA boom
JS180JCB DieselMax, 97 kW18.33 tonnes
High tensile strength steel, operator comfort
JS200128 kW (172 HP)21.2 tonnes
Durability and efficiency
JS210LCIsuzu engine, 128 kW (171 HP)21.5 tonnes
Standard LC undercarriage, Mono Boom
JCB 220XJCB Dieselmax~22 tonnes
Strong build, low in-cab noise, high productivity
JS235 LCJCB EcoMax 448, 129 kW23.49 tonnes
High digging depth and reach
JS240LCIsuzu engine, 140 kW (187 HP)25.06 tonnes
High reach and dredging depth
JCB 260TC-63 engine, 84 HP7971 lbs
Turbocharged engine, high operational weight
JCB 330TC-68 (92 HP) / 271 HP9735.7 lbs / 70744.2 lbs
Skid Steer Loader & Hydraulic Excavator
JCB 360TC-68 (92 HP) / 271 HP9735.7 lbs / 70744.2 lbs
Skid Steer Loader & Hydraulic Excavator
JZ 140JCB EcoMax 444 TCA, 81 kW15 tons
Low emission level, high digging depth and reach
ModelEngine PowerWeight (Approx.)Max Lift HeightMax Lift Capacity
Other Key Features
JCB 514-56109 hp (81 kW)15,000 lb56 ft (17 m)14,000 lbs (6,350 kg)
JCB EcoMAX engine, easy maintenance
JCB 516-4050 hp (37.5 kW)7,700 lb4.045 m1.6 tons
Kohler engine, 20 km/h speed
JCB 52076 hp9,900 lb16.41 ft4400 lb
4-speed Synchro shuttle
JCB 520-4050 hp9,700 lb13.24 ft4000 lb
JCB 520-5077 hp9,700 lb16.41 ft4409 lb
JCB 525-60 AGRI73.8 hp11,685 lb19.69 ft5511 lb
Agriculture focus, 15.6 mph speed
JCB 525-5077 hp12,000 lb5000 lb (approx.)

We collect, strip, and inspect all hydraulic motors FREE of charge

Our Process

Contact us to arrange a quote when your plant and machinery is down, you need a solution fast. We can provide rapid pick up, evaluation, diagnosis, and accurate quote to get you up and running in the quickest possible time. Our professional team are skilled in all aspects of hydraulic repair, rebuilding and maintenance and pride ourselves on helping our clients minimise their downtime and any interruption to their operations.

Free Collection

We make things easy for you by arranging free collection of your parts from any location in the UK and delivering them speedily to our workshop.

Free Inspection

At our workshop your part will be carefully carefully dismantled, inspected, and where relevant, wear tolerances measured without charge.

No Obligation Quote

Our inspection is followed up with a comprehensive findings report and competitive no obligation quote for any required work.

Second Inspection

Once you accept the quote, all parts are fully cleaned to allow a further inspection to ensure no damage has been missed.

Repair Process

All damaged and worn parts will be repaired or replaced and your unit completely rebuilt, with any seals and bearings also replaced.

Full Post Repair Testing

Thorough testing will be carried out to ensure your equipment functions fully to manufacturers specifications.