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Kawasaki Hydraulic Pump Repair


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Kawasaki Hydraulics

We service a wide range of hydraulic part manufacturers, including Kawasaki. The following are some of the Kawasaki models that we service plus many more

SeriesDescriptionDisplacement Range (cc/rev)Pressure Rating (MPa)
Typical Applications
K3VVersatile axial piston pump designed for mobile machinery60 – 28034.3/39.2
Excavators, cranes, construction equipment, agricultural machinery
K5VSimilar to K3V, optimized for slightly higher pressures60 – 28034.3/39.2
Mobile equipment requiring higher operating pressures
K7VDesigned to offer improved efficiency within a similar operating range as K3V/K5VVaries by model (often similar to K3V/K5V)
Varies by model (often similar to K3V/K5V applications prioritizing efficiency)
K8VHigh-pressure applications, optimized for demanding operationsVaries by modelUp to 60
Industrial presses, heavy-duty construction, marine applications
NVLarge displacement, high-pressure pumpsLarge (varies)High (varies)
Marine propulsion, large-scale industrial hydraulic systems
SeriesDescriptionDisplacement Range (cc/rev)Notes
K3SPSwashplate type axial piston motorLimited information available
Likely an older series, potentially discontinued
K3VGVariable displacement, swashplate axial piston motor for industrial applicationsVaries by model
Designed for closed-loop systems
K3VLVariable displacement, swashplate axial piston motor for mobile and industrial applicationsVaries by model
Versatile, designed for open-loop systems
SeriesDescriptionDisplacement Range (cc/rev)Max. Pressure (MPa)
Typical Applications
M2XCompact swashplate type axial piston motorsVaries by size (e.g., M2X140, M2X170, M2X210)21
Small to medium excavators, mini-cranes and other compact equipment needing swing functionality
M5XMedium output swashplate type axial piston motorsVaries by size (e.g., M5X130, M5X180)35
Medium to large excavators, larger construction machinery
MX150 & UpLarge output swing motorsVaries by model35
Very large excavators, heavy-duty construction and mining equipment

We collect, strip, and inspect all hydraulic motors FREE of charge

Our Process

Contact us to arrange a quote when your plant and machinery is down, you need a solution fast. We can provide rapid pick up, evaluation, diagnosis, and accurate quote to get you up and running in the quickest possible time. Our professional team are skilled in all aspects of hydraulic repair, rebuilding and maintenance and pride ourselves on helping our clients minimise their downtime and any interruption to their operations.

Free Collection

We make things easy for you by arranging free collection of your parts from any location in the UK and delivering them speedily to our workshop.

Free Inspection

At our workshop your part will be carefully carefully dismantled, inspected, and where relevant, wear tolerances measured without charge.

No Obligation Quote

Our inspection is followed up with a comprehensive findings report and competitive no obligation quote for any required work.

Second Inspection

Once you accept the quote, all parts are fully cleaned to allow a further inspection to ensure no damage has been missed.

Repair Process

All damaged and worn parts will be repaired or replaced and your unit completely rebuilt, with any seals and bearings also replaced.

Full Post Repair Testing

Thorough testing will be carried out to ensure your equipment functions fully to manufacturers specifications.

Kawisaki Videos

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