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Komatsu Hydraulic Pump Repair

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Komatsu Serviceable Parts

Komatsu is a massive company with a wide range of different hydraulic equipment available, and as a result, we cannot give a complete list of the products we service. But rest easy knowing that we service all things hydraulic.

These are some of the models that we service plus many more!



Operating Weight

Key USPs

Komatsu PC09-1

0.88-1.08 tonnes

Ultra-compact size, great for extremely tight spaces

Komatsu PC14R-3

1.5 tonnes

Powerful digging force, versatile for various small-scale tasks

Komatsu PC16

1.7 tonnes

Similar to PC14, slightly more powerful for larger projects

Komatsu PC17

1.8 tonnes

Ideal balance between size and performance

Komatsu PC18

1.8 tonnes

A good all-around option, versatile and balanced

Komatsu PC20

2.0 tonnes

More digging power than smaller models, still compact

Komatsu PC24

2.4 tonnes

Increased versatility for landscaping and trenching

Komatsu PC26MR-3

2.6 tonnes

Short tail swing for tight spaces, good for demolition

Komatsu PC30MR-5

3.0 tonnes

Larger capacity for more demanding landscaping/trenching

Komatsu PC35MR-5

3.5 tonnes

Robust for heavier-duty tasks, short tail swing

Komatsu PC45MR-5

4.5 tonnes

Excellent all-rounder, powerful, compact

Komatsu PC55MR-5

5.5 tonnes

Significant power, suitable for demolition

Komatsu PC58MR-5

5.8 tonnes

High capacity and digging depth, good for larger sites





Robust pump for industrial use, minimal maintenance.


Reliable, efficient pump known for quick response.

PSVD2 Series

Modular design, emphasises adaptability, easy upkeep.


Precision and efficiency for medium to heavy-duty use.


Compact pump for confined spaces, precise control.


High-performance, durable, smooth under high pressure.





Designed for precise excavator swing, emphasises smooth operation and durability.


Suited for medium to large machinery, focus on fluid integrity and pressure handling.


Designed for high-torque applications, emphasises robust hydraulic circuits.


Operating Weight

Key USPs

Komatsu PC78US-11

7.5-8.2 tonnes

Compact, powerful short tail swing, good for tight urban sites

Komatsu PC80MR-8

Around 8 tonnes

Very similar to PC78, slightly larger

Komatsu PC88MR-11

8.5 – 9.2 tonnes

Larger bucket size, increased digging power over smaller models

Komatsu PW98MR-11

9 – 10 tonnes

Wheeled for faster movement, less ground damage, good for roadwork

Komatsu PW138MR-11

13 – 15 tonnes

Larger capacity than PW98, more powerful



Operating Weight (approx.)

Key USPs


13-15 tonnes

Versatile, good for general construction


16-18 tonnes

Increased power, size, and capacity over the PC138


20-22 tonnes

Popular model, good balance of power and efficiency


22-24 tonnes

Similar to PC210, slightly larger


23-25 tonnes

Larger capacity for heavier work


28-31 tonnes

Increased power for demanding jobs


36-38 tonnes

Significant power, used in heavier applications


39-41 tonnes

Similar to PC360, a slightly larger bucket capacity


47-50 tonnes

Powerful option for larger-scale projects


67-71 tonnes

Designed for heavy-duty work and productivity


115-120 tonnes

Large-scale mining and quarry applications


195-205 tonnes

Large-scale mining and quarry applications


Operating Weight (approx.)

Operating Capacity (approx.)

Key USPs


2,96 tonnes

750 kg

Compact and manoeuvrable, good for tight spaces


2.99 tonnes

750 kg

Increased track size over SK715 for stability


3.36 tonnes

870 kg

Largest of the three, increased power and lift capacity



Engine Power (approx)

Key Features



74 HP (55 kW)

EU Stage V engine, long-life DPF, Power-assisted brake

Versatile, fuel-efficient, easy maintenance


74 HP (55 kW)

Similar to WB93R-8, with a standard specification package

Good balance of features and value


100 HP (75 kW)

EU Stage V engine, long-life DPF, Power-assisted brake

More powerful, for heavier tasks


100 HP (75 kW)

Similar to WB97R-8 with a standard specification package

Increased performance with a focus on value


Operating Weight (approx.)

Engine Power (approx)

Key Features



14-16 tonnes

123 HP (92 kW)

EU Stage V engine, 6 working modes, Joystick Steering

Versatile, compact, maneuverable, fuel-efficient


16-18 tonnes

123 HP (92 kW)

EU Stage V engine, 6 working modes, Joystick Steering

Similar to PW148, a bit larger, and more capacity


17-19 tonnes

123 HP (92 kW)

EU Stage V engine, 6 working modes, Joystick Steering

Larger than PW158, increased digging power


18-20 tonnes

168 HP (125 kW)

EU Stage V engine, 6 working modes, Joystick Steering

More Power, best for heavier-duty tasks

Model Range

Operating Weight (approx.)

Bucket Capacity (approx.)

Key USPs

WA80M – WA100M

6 – 11 tonnes

1 – 1.9 cubic meters

Compact, agile, great for landscaping, smaller sites

WA200 – WA270

12 – 18 tonnes

1.9 – 3.4 cubic meters

Mid-size loaders, versatile for various tasks

WA320 – WA380

19 – 24 tonnes

3.8 – 5.2 cubic meters

Increased lifting capacity, productive loaders

WA470 – WA480

23 – 25 tonnes

5.2 – 7 cubic meters

Powerful loaders, good for material handling

WA500 – WA600

26 -36 tonnes

6.4 – 9.2 cubic meters

Large loaders, designed for high-volume tasks

WA800 – WA900

59 – 66 tonnes

11 – 13 cubic meters

Large capacity loaders, often used in quarries


93 – 97 tonnes

20 cubic meters

Massive loader, specialised for large-scale mining



Operating Weight (approx.)

Engine Horsepower (approx.)

Key USPs


13 – 14 tonnes

130 HP

Small, versatile dozer, good for landscaping, smaller sites


17- 20 tonnes

170 – 220 HP

Increased power and size for heavier tasks


20 – 23 tonnes

190 – 240 HP

Similar to D61, variations within the model range


23 – 24 tonnes

230 – 240 HP

Largest of the ‘smaller’ dozers, additional power


29 – 31 tonnes

260 – 290 HP

Powerful mid-sized dozer


39 – 41 tonnes

350 -410 HP

Popular and powerful, focus on productivity


68 – 72 tonnes

610 – 630 HP

Large dozer, significant material moving capacity


105 – 113 tonnes

860 – 990 HP

Massive dozer, often used in large-scale mining

We collect, strip, and inspect all hydraulic motors FREE of charge

Our Process

Contact us to arrange a quote when your plant and machinery is down, you need a solution fast. We can provide rapid pick up, evaluation, diagnosis, and accurate quote to get you up and running in the quickest possible time. Our professional team are skilled in all aspects of hydraulic repair, rebuilding and maintenance and pride ourselves on helping our clients minimise their downtime and any interruption to their operations.

Free Collection

We make things easy for you by arranging free collection of your parts from any location in the UK and delivering them speedily to our workshop.

Free Inspection

At our workshop your part will be carefully carefully dismantled, inspected, and where relevant, wear tolerances measured without charge.

No Obligation Quote

Our inspection is followed up with a comprehensive findings report and competitive no obligation quote for any required work.

Second Inspection

Once you accept the quote, all parts are fully cleaned to allow a further inspection to ensure no damage has been missed.

Repair Process

All damaged and worn parts will be repaired or replaced and your unit completely rebuilt, with any seals and bearings also replaced.

Full Post Repair Testing

Thorough testing will be carried out to ensure your equipment functions fully to manufacturers specifications.

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