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Nachi Hydraulic Pump & Motor Repair

Like all hydraulic pumps/motors, Nachi units are subject to significant wear and tear in a hydraulic system that they will inevitably at some point require repair or even replacement. Without proper maintenance, your hydraulic pump could experience sudden or gradual failure, leading to a breakdown of the plant equipment.


When regularly maintained, your Nachi hydraulic unit should be reliable and provide years of reliable service. That said, the pressure at which they operate can lead to failures which need immediate attention. Should your pump break down, our engineers can usually repair it for you, avoiding the need to dispose of the unit and you having to purchase a new one.


At CJ Plant we have the skills to repair your hydraulic pump, including Nachi piston pumps from across the PVD, PVS, PVB and PHV Series. Our hydraulic pump repair team can arrange the collection of your pump and then diagnose the issue. We will then provide a quote for repair, and once you give the go ahead, we will carry out the repair and extensively test your pump to ensure there are no further faults before getting your pump back to you.


Signs that your Nachi hydraulic pump may need repair include some of the following:


  • Increase in noise during operation
  • increased heat generation
  • erratic operation¬†
  • underperforming output
  • decreased speed of cylinders or hydraulic motors
  • complete failure to operate¬†


If your system experiences any of the above, then this could be an indication that you need some assistance to inspect and diagnose the problem. Failing to act and trying to run your plant machinery regardless could lead to proper damage to your hydraulics.


Your Nachi hydraulic pumps should work relatively quietly, but over time you may start to notice increased noise, including banging or knocking, often caused as parts wear and seals deteriorate. This often indicates that air is in the system so this needs to be addressed to avoid damage. By being vigilant and looking for falls in performance and pressure drops can also be an indication that something is amiss that likely could be corrected by replacing a seal or valve.

CJ Plant are full service Hydraulic Repair and plant maintenance specialists with over 25 years of experience. We cover the whole of the UK and have experience repairing hydraulics by the majority of manufacturers.

If you are experiencing any problems with your Nachi hydraulic pump get in touch with us at the earliest opportunity to prevent serious damage to your hydraulic system. Once we have assessed your unit, we can provide a swift hydraulic pump repair service to get your system back up and running so that downtime is minimised.

We can supply new and refurbished hydraulic parts, fit them, and repair existing units.

If you are having problems with your hydraulics parts then take advantage of our free machinery stripping, assessment report and quotation. All repairs come with the reassurance of our 1 year warranty.

If needed we provide free transportation of parts to our 2,500 sq ft repair facility. If your hydraulic pump is beyond economical repair then we can offer you the choice of new and refurbished pumps up to 50% cheaper than the main suppliers.


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